The 'Twin Towers' of the Vatican

The two central teachings in which the Roman Catholic Church finds "safety" and keeps its grip on millions.

Mormon Leadership Admits 'Mistakes'

Mormon President Uchtdorf admits some teachings "could cause people to question."

How Do You 'Add' to God's Words?

It starts with taking some of God's words "out." Then you add some of man's words "in." See how it can change a basic doctrine.

Gospel Seeds in Zambia Grow Flourishing Churches

Missionary tells how Chick tracts have helped him establish and build churches in Zambia.

But it has Jesus in it!

No one can resists little Havilah when she offers a Chick tract. How our family found a ministry with Chick tracts.

I Knew I Had No Excuse

How I got started really witnessing for Jesus. It all started with giving out tracts, and I found myself growing from there.

Message From Jack Chick November/December 2013

Why another anti-Catholic tract? Because those in slavery to the pope need to be made free!

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2013

These tracts put the fear of God in me.

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