Message From Jack Chick November/December 2013

Dear ones in Christ:

Good grief, not another tract exposing the Great Whore! Yes, because when Alberto Rivera, the ex-Jesuit priest, was dying, I made him a promise: I would try to get the message out to the millions of sincere Roman Catholics to warn them that they will miss heaven, and that the religious machine they are trapped in is not their salvation. It claims to be the only hope they have to get to heaven, teaching "damnable heresies" (II Peter 2:1) —which are lies out of hell.

Jesus Christ is down-played, and Catholicism is exalted. Rome knows this, but doesn`t care about souls. It`s a giant, money-making farce, controlling world politics and governments, intending to pull all religions under its wings. Deceived leaders trek to Rome to see that antichrist who pretends to be God on earth. This pope is a great actor, like Pope John Paul II. Be mighty careful. This one is a Jesuit.

No Roman Catholic will make it into glory unless he realizes he`s been brainwashed. Forget Mary, the Saints, Tradition and all the phony show business. They can`t save anyone. It was God Almighty, Jesus Christ, the King of kings who died on the cross to wash away our sins. We can only be saved by turning to Him, alone, trusting Him as our personal Saviour.

And that, beloved, is why I make those hard-hitting tracts to try to crack that shield that the pope has encased around his slaves, to open their eyes and set them free. You will be surprised at how readily precious Roman Catholics will accept these tracts. Let`s love them with the truth before it`s too late!

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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