Allah Or Jesus?

We'll let you decide.

'Graduation Gift Helped Change My Life'

Soul winners are very creative in finding uses for gospel tracts.

What are the holidays good for?

Regardless of how you feel about the holidays, they just might be good for something.

Do You Know This Organization?

At the heart of Masonry is the unbiblical idea that all religions worship the same god.

Muslim Tracts Used By Pastor to Inoculate Neighborhood

Chick tracts are at the center of a confrontation in Florida over a new Mosque being planned in Pompano Beach.

Islamic Organization Becoming Powerful Influence

Their "vision" is to "promote justice and mutual understanding," yet they were swift to move against any community discussion over the dark side of Islam.

Priest's Heart Visits U.S. for Relic Worship

In October this year, the actual heart of a 19th century French priest was brought to the U.S. for a worship service.

The Hit In The Prison

The following letter was received by the Mission Possible ministry to prisoners...