Allah Or Jesus?

We'll let you decide.

Archeology Answers Question: 'Who is this Allah?'

Muslims claim that before Muhammad, Allah was the biblical God of the Old Testament Israelites and the New Testament apostles.

Don't Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians?

In an age when most people do not believe that Truth exists, the mere fact that you have sought us out on the internet reveals that you want to know the Truth about God. Is Allah the same as the Christian God?

Is Allah the God of the Bible? Love Says 'No'

In the middle of the confusion of the war on terrorism is the question of the nature of the religion of Islam.

Many Muslims Searching for Truth

Violence done by the hands of Muslims has many of them questioning who they really serve. We must be prepared to share the true Saviour with them.

Muslim Countries Becoming Bolder in Persecuting Christians

Islam's hostility to Christians is beginning to get some attention from the media.

Pope Pushing Idea that Allah and Jehovah are the same God.

In his weekly general audience in late May of 1999, Pope John Paul II addressed Muslims in a series discussing "interreligious dialog."

What's In a Name? God says, 'A Lot!'

The new war on terror has many people asking, "Who is this Allah?"