Islamic Organization Becoming Powerful Influence

Issue Date: November/December 2006

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a "Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group," according to their web site: They claim over 30 chapters in the U.S. and Canada with dozens of offices in major cities.

Their "vision" is to "promote justice and mutual understanding," yet they were swift to move against any community discussion over the dark side of Islam. So much for their vision of "mutual understanding."
CAIR claims to have "successfully partnered with the National Council of Churches and held dialogue with representatives of the National Association of Evangelicals." Yet current and past history gives us little assurance that their kind of "justice" will be in line with our American understanding of "justice for all." Their treatment of Dr. Dozier illustrates their definition of "justice" and leaves us little confidence in their "vision." In every other country where Islam dominates, justice means the elimination of all freedom of religion and often a death sentence for anyone who converts to Christianity.

President Bush has said that we are in a war of ideologies. That is political-speak for religious war. Other officials have described it as a "clash of cultures." From the Garden of Eden, the war between good and evil has existed. Bible believers must understand this in relation to the great commission. In these last days, we have been called into the last conflict. We must win as many for Christ as we can before the final showdown.

Chick Publications is committed to supplying you with powerful tracts that force the reader to decide which side of this "war of ideologies" he will be on. Organizations such as CAIR and GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) are committed to silencing the gospel. Powerful demonic influences motivate these organizations with worldly wisdom. Using our laws of tolerance and diversity, they seek to destroy the freedom we depend on to spread the gospel.

These advocacy groups are very clever in capturing attention and promoting their agenda through the media. The only way we can defeat them is to go to directly to the people in our communities with the truth. We can fight back by seeding the liberating gospel message into our neighborhoods the way Pastor Dozier did

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