A Message From Jack Chick

A message from Jack Chick

Getting Ready to Leave?

Some soul winners have been blessed with more than they need and want their surplus to continue winning souls, even after they are called home.

My Teacher Got Saved - Became A Pastor

"Who put this tract there!" Next week he got saved and thanked us.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2007

Guaards would confiscate them so they could read them.

Where's the Trash?

When Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon (or supposedly translated it from Moroni`s golden plates) he included elaborate stories of early Jewish settlers in the Americas.

Is Trust in the Bible Important?

A recent issue of a national Christian magazine carried an article about a young man who lost faith in the Bible while in Bible school and now considers himself a "happy agnostic."

Tracts Plus Web Site Equals More Ways to Witness

Chick Publications has another dimension that some are discovering.

You Probably Know This Woman!

To the Aztecs, she was known as Tlazolteotl (TLAS-ohl-tay-OH-tul), the goddess of filth, gambling, prostitution and witchcraft, among other things.

New KJV Workbook Helps Clarify Bible Versions Issue

Why were the words he was reading different than the ones his pastor was saying?

Missionary Finds Africa 'Wide Open' to the Gospel

"Africa is wide open," says missionary Bill Eubanks. "They will take all the tracts you can give them and they respond and get saved."

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