First Muslim Congressman Sworn in on Qur'an

Democrat Keith Ellison from Minnesota is first muslim congressman sworn in on Qur'an.

A Message From Jack Chick

Where is anyone who can solve the incredible wave of insanity coming? The people are consumed with entertainment, sports, politics and are blind to see God`s judgment on the horizon.

Video Going Into More Languages

Progress continues on more translations of the powerful soul winning video, Light of the World. Here are some of the current projects...

Chick Mail Bag March-2007

Three people read one tract.

Attorney 'Got The Message'

This was the third time this attorney was given a tract telling him he was going to hell. But this time was different.

God's Marvelous Molecular Machines

More and more evidence that God designed living things is constantly turning up as microscopes and methods are being perfected.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2007

So many inmates got saved the Catholic Diocese got upset!

Vatican Council Says Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God

This gesture to Muslims was an attempt by an "Ecumenical Pope" to bring further unity of world religions.

What Does 'Scripture' Mean?

Jesus frequently referred to "the scriptures" as he taught the disciples and conversed with the Pharisees.

Judge Rules In Favor of Christian Students

A federal judge has placed a preliminary injunction against a North Carolina public school district stating that they cannot prohibit biblical literature distribution by the students.

Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo

With the rise in occult groups comes a general increase in experimentation with satanic things.

'Global Transformation' Threatens Soul Winning

Biblical world watchers such as Dave Hunt and Beit Kjos are sounding the alarm on the recent global turmoil.

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