Really — How Old IS That Fossil?

Evolutionists speak with great confidence when they toss around dates related to age of earth and fossils. When you take a closer look at their evidence, great gaps appear. For example, radiocarbon dating is one of the most famous methods that they use.

Yet, Dr. Kent Hovind exposes many discrepancies in the dates produced by this method in his Creation Evangelism Videos. Hovind cites an occasion where a living mollusk was dated at 2300 years old.

Another document reported that an "absolute date had been obtained" for a geological formation and it was a "value of 300,000 years plus or minus 300,000 years." One leg of a mammoth discovered frozen in Alaska was dated at 15,380 years while his skin was set at 21,300 years.

Different parts of another baby mammoth dated at 40,000 years and 26,000 years while the "wood immediately around the carcass was 9-10,000." New advanced dating techniques used on sediment found with Homo erectus skulls in Java in the 1930s date them no more than 27,000 years old. Scientists previously declared that the species, supposedly an ancestor of man, vanished some 250,000 years ago. So maybe it was just a man, after all.

Potassium-argon dating is another method. But how accurate is it when it dated the lava from a Hawaiian volcano eruption in 1801 at 1.6 million years old?

Dr. Hovind, who taught science in high school for 15 years, uses humor and devastating statistics to expose the lies embedded in public school textbooks. His series of videos cover: age of the earth, conditions in the Garden of Eden, Noah's flood, dragons and dinosaurs, fossil dating fallacies, and the false idea of the geologic column.

He explains how evolutionist teachers have used the child's fascination with dinosaurs to subtly plant the idea that the earth is billions of years old, contrary to the Bible view of creation. His simple, humorous, delivery will give the student confidence in the Bible and help him see through the lies being fed to him in school.

It is critical that our youngsters understand the danger of believing evolution. If it is true, then the Bible is false. If it is true, then there can be no absolute moral standard and no sin, since we are all just animals. If it is true, then it is right to kill the weak to assist the progress of natural selection. If it is true, then the sexual taboos should be abandoned so that everyone can have sexual enjoyment with everyone else, including children and other animals.

Dr. Hovind's videos deal a devastating blow to this "strong delusion" that the natural man has chosen to believe.