Evolutionists Getting Beat on Their Own Turf

Some very smart people are continuing to put die-hard evolutionists in a corner. These scientists are increasingly convinced that the biology of animals and humans is too complex to have been created by chance, no matter how many millions of years are involved.

For some time now, these biology professionals have described what they call irreducible complexity. For example, the human eye is too intricate for it to form piece-meal over time. Besides that, for it to fulfill its purpose, it had to have all its pieces and features functioning at the same time.

Such pieces and features would have been useless until the whole was developed. And useless things do not survive well in the real world.

Now, as our scientific tools become better, the whole construction of our bodies appear more and more “irreducibly complex.” The function of the billions of neurons and synapses in our 3-pound brain still baffles scientific investigation.

Baffling, also, is the “fine-tuning” of the universe. In thousands of ways, if the building blocks of matter or the arrangement of those blocks were only slightly different, not only would life be impossible, the entire cosmos would collapse or disintegrate. For example, a slight change in the force of gravity and the sun and earth would no longer be at the exact distance to support life. We would either fry or freeze.

We have discovered that the DNA molecule contains a complex blueprint for even the tiniest details of our bodies. Another term being used is “specified complexity.” Not only are we complex, but there appears to exist a specification to the complexity. Before a contractor builds a house, he “specifies” a list of materials needed according to the architect’s (designer’s) blueprint.

Even Richard Dawkins, known as our generation’s arch-atheist, defined biology as “the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.”

The Apostle Paul observed: “For the invisible things of him [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

Even where we are not able to see God, Himself, His eternal power and Godhead are “clearly seen” by what He made. The rest of the chapter of Romans 1 describes how man refused to acknowledge the Creator and goes off trusting something else as his idol.

Cannot trusting in the theory of evolution be a form of idolatry?

Chick Publications has long recognized that evolution is the foundation lie for many other evils in the world. Marx believed it. Hitler believed it. Humanists believe it. Socialists believe it. The Pope believes it. Environmentalists believe it.

It is the only fallback available to anyone who refuses to recognize a Creator.

The Crusader Comic, Primal Man, is a powerful antidote to evolution that will inoculate your kids against the lies that they’re getting in the public school. It provides a powerful discussion starter with your children. To deepen the discussion and answer many of the questions that will arise, you will need a copy of the Evolution Handbook, also available from the Chick website. It is one of the most comprehensive,1000-page coverages of almost every question that could come up in a discussion.

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