Information: Another Embarrassment for Evolutionists

Evolutionists often claim that a monkey pounding on a computer keyboard would probably type meaningful words occasionally if given enough time. Author Thomas Heinze, in his minibook In The Beginning... Soup?, asks, "How many words would the monkey type if no one had designed any alphabet or keyboard or computer and he had to beat on the dirt?"

The big question here regards the existence of knowledge. Evolutionists claim that time is able to perform the miracles required to create earth's teeming life from primordial soup. But they can only shrug in embarrassment when asked where are the "missing links?"

Now, even more embarrassing is the discovery of vast amounts of "knowledge" existing in even a single cell. Heinze writes, "It's hard to be an atheist. One must have faith that, contrary to all evidence, not just a few words but huge amounts of usable information and the language and code with which the information was written, popped up by themselves.

"Information never develops apart from intelligence, yet cells contain huge amounts of information. I believe this is the most important single evidence that life came from the mind of an intelligent Creator rather than from dumb chemicals."

This is only one of the many concepts contained in Heinze's 24-page minibook. Designed to fit conveniently in a coat pocket and priced for mass distribution, it is packed with similar information designed to strengthen the witness of the soul winner and devastate the arguments of the evolutionist.

A few copies salted into a high school or college biology class could create a lively discussion, if the teacher permits, or plant serious secret doubts in the minds of both the students and teachers.

Other land mines planted in this minibook include the problem of the manufacture and utilization of proteins, the development of cell membranes and miniaturization of the designs.

Heinze mentions the microfilm copy of the Bible that scientists developed. They squeezed it onto a piece of film only 32 by 33 millimeters. "Amazing!" says Heinze. "However, that same space covered with DNA would hold information equivalent to 7.7 million bibles!"

He deals with the latest theory that the seeds of life must have come from outer space. He points out that there is really no difference in the difficulties of spontaneous generation whether on earth or on another planet. It just adds more improbabilities that life could have survived the long, cold, airless trip in the very hostile environment of outer space.

Heinze has given us a simple, inexpensive tool to devastate the arguments of the most ardent evolutionist. It will also inoculate the high school or college student against the faith-eating scorn of teachers and professors out to infect their students with the lies of their so-called "scientific facts."

In The Beginning... Soup? is a distillation of some of the basic concepts in Heinse's paperback, How Life Began.


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