Modern Bibles Leave Room for Purgatory

The Roman Catholic doctrine of purgatory is further proof that the pope`s religion is not biblical. If Christ`s death on the cross completely finished our redemption, then no suffering on our part is necessary.

Yet, some modern Bible versions have been altered to make room for purgatory. In Romans 11:32, Hebrews 3:18 and 11:31 and many other verses, "obedience" has been substituted for "belief." This is huge because it substitutes a behavior for trust.

The basic difference between Biblical Christianity and all the other religions of the world, is salvation by faith instead of man`s attempt to do enough good to win paradise. Good works and bad are weighed in judgment to see which one wins.

But if we gain eternal life by trusting in the belief that our sins are forgiven, purgatory is beside the point since no amount of fire and suffering on our part can earn that forgiveness. However, if we must earn even part of our salvation by works and we don`t make it, then it makes sense to suffer some more as punishment for our leftover sin. If this is true, then Christ`s agony and death was not enough and He failed His mission to redeem us.

Purgatory is the end stage of the Catholic`s lifetime of spiritual bondage. When a child is born to a Catholic couple they must agree to raise all children Catholic. This starts with infant baptism to clear original sin, proceeds to confirmation in preparation for first communion, where he receives the wafer-god to swallow.

When he sins, he is stuck with the guilt unless he gets to a priest, confesses the sin and is absolved.

The priest is also heaven`s gate keeper at life`s end with last rites to forgive any residual sin before death. However, if any minor sins are not confessed, purgatory is an uncomfortable way-station on the way to heaven with enough fire and suffering to atone for any leftover guilt. Surviving relatives are urged to pay up to move loved ones on toward heaven.

Today, purgatory is kept in the background in the Western World. Yet, occasionally the term, "indulgences," emerges. This scam was thoroughly exposed by Martin Luther who showed that the priest who collected money to say Masses for loved ones in purgatory could not guarantee when or if they would be released. These get-out-of purgatory cards sometimes are granted for pilgrimages, prayers at a shrine or some other act of devotion.

However, in ages past and in less educated cultures, purgatory is a big deal. In 50 Years in the Church of Rome, Charles Chiniquy describes the fortunes that the priests were making collecting money for Masses that, when said, supposedly relieved a dead relative`s agony or shortened his stay in purgatory. Again, no feedback on results.

Priests even collected money for so many masses, then sold them at a discount to other priests even in a different county and kept the difference.

Author David W. Daniels describes in detail in his book, Did the Roman Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?, how the modern Bible versions, that are based on the polluted Alexandrian and Roman Catholic Greek texts, have been altered to support such unbiblical doctrines.

Soul winners, we need to use a Bible that we can be confident in to witness to Roman Catholics and others who are confused about what God really said. The King James Version has proven to be God`s Words for us who speak English. The Holy Spirit has used it for nearly 400 years to fuel revivals and turn rebels back to God.

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