Catholicism: Crisis of Faith

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Testimonies of former priests and nuns highlight this soul-winning video that presents the gospel in a loving fashion. (Read More)

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Audio Languages Included: English, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog

7 Language DVD

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Publisher: Lumen Productions
Run Time: 54 Minutes
Format: NTSC
Price: $12.95
Subtitles: Subtitled in English, Spanish, German, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Tagalog and Chinese

Let your Catholic friends hear priests and nuns explain why they left the Catholic church

When the Second Vatican Council closed in 1965, Catholics were optimistic that the church had been renewed and blessing would follow. Little did anyone realize what lay ahead. The decades since Vatican II have been turbulent. Attendance at Mass has plummeted. Finances are critical. Vocations have steadily declined. Internal disputes and scandal are shaking the Church. What is the cause of the present crisis?

To find the cause of the present crisis in the Catholic Church, Catholicism: Crisis of Faith goes to the heart of the matter, investigating the teachings of Roman Catholicism and comparing them to Scripture.

Follow the spiritual journey of devout priests and nuns who courageously faced a crisis of faith and emerged with a life changing experience of Jesus Christ.