Modern Bibles Leave Room for Purgatory

'Obedience' has been substituted for 'belief.' Changing one word substitutes a behavior (work) for trust (faith). Catholicism is based on "doing things" to get to heaven.

Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion

"Coming out" as a lesbian, she says she is not really convinced that the Bible speaks against homosexuality because not all Bibles do so clearly.

RVG 2010 - New Translation or Revision?

Author Emanuel Rodriguez explains in his new book, 'God's Bible in Spanish,' that the RVG 2010 is simply a revision of the beloved Reina-Valera used by God for over 400 years.

Simple Cells? Not Any Longer!

Advances in science have taught us that "simple" cells are not simple at all. They are much too complex to be the result of evolution.

Truck Stops: a Mission Field Nearby

Hal Larson's ministry at truck stops has seen over 400 people come to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Teacher Reaches Deaf Students with Light of the World Video

Deaf people are often confused about the Gospel. This teacher found a way to make it clear to them.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2010

People are frightened, but we have the answer!

Prison Letters July/August 2010

The guys grabbed them up. I was stunned by the tremendous response!

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2010

Have sent tracts to all states and many countries. I get letters thanking me from those who get saved.

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