Who's the Real Hater?

It would be MUCH easier to keep silent. But that isn't showing love, is it?

Modern Studies show God's Family Plan is Best

The new studies show that children in traditional families have fewer problems.

Basic Questions Evolutionists Can't Answer

Evolutionists wake up each morning to tiptoe around important problems their worldview won't let them resolve. Here are three basic examples.

SBC Votes: Civil Rights Don't Include Homosexuals

In their recent national convention, the Southern Baptists voted in favor of a resolution declaring that '...those who are promoting the recognition of 'same-sex marriage' have misappropriated the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement.'

UK 'Death Template' Kills 130,000 a Year

Two major hospitals in the U.K. have developed a 'template to guide the care of the dying.' But are these patients really near death or is this a convenient way to deal with the rising cost of medical care?

Myanmar Church Energized by Gospel Tracts

This report from Myanmar proves that gospel tracts can energize evangelism in churches regardless of geography.

Message From Jack Chick September/October 2012

I look at children today and want to weep. What chance do they have?

I Learned What To Do About Halloween

Boy is in church because of tract in his Halloween bag.

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