Myanmar Church Energized by Gospel Tracts

This report from Myanmar proves that gospel tracts can energize evangelism in churches regardless of geography. Where many Americans are reluctant to try tracts, the people in these pictures prove they work.

Pastor Suumpi started with three Chick tracts translated to Burmese. The church divided up into two-people teams with assignments twice a week to visit bus stands, cinemas, training centers, colleges and universities, hospitals, jails, games centers, nursery, primary and high schools.

Besides these regular visitation assignments, each person in the church, young and old, is given a few tracts to pass on to co-workers, friends, fellow passengers on buses, or leave at internet shops, libraries, and shopping centers when they are out and about. The Sunday school children are given an "allotment" of tracts each week for friends at school. But they know that  the tracts catch the interest of unreached parents, also, when the children get home with them.

 "Everyone is excited and active to have this great opportunity in life to extend God`s Kingdom in easy ways with no big skills. That brings many interested to distribute," Suumpi writes. Pastor Suumpi`s vision extends beyond his own church. Word has spread that they have the tracts available and 10 other ministries, Bible colleges and churches, have asked for copies. He is currently translating three more titles. "We cannot go to all people`s homes and into their knowledge and hearts. But the small tract does. People who get the chance to read the tracts are getting valuable knowledge and challenges for eternal life through our tracts," Pastor Suumpi writes.

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