Pope Prays Before Catholic Super-Relic

Roman Catholic relics transfer trust from Jesus alone to this false 'church' and its system of salvation by works.

New Reina-Valera Gomez - Back to Purity

After years of research and collaboration, Humberto Gomez has produced a Spanish Bible version faithful to the originals that formed the KJV, yet maintaining the linguistic beauty of the RV.

Muhammad had a 9-year-old Wife?

If Muhammad's life style forms the example for all Muslims, what kind of an example did he give?

'Scouting' New Sexual Territory

Boy Scouts targeted in cultural battle for the souls of our children.

Christian Legal Society Excluded from University Campus

Christian groups are being banned from universities, as the culture continues to push to silence Christians and their message.

T-Shirts Cause Big Problem at California School

Large-scale immigration, whether legal or illegal, offers soul-winners a huge opportunity. These people have come here... let's reach them for Christ!

Message From Jack Chick May/June 2010

This Christian family lost everything. Then they were filled with regret that they had not used any of it for the Lord.

Prisoners Love Chick Tracts

Another customer finds a new ministry in local prison. You can too!

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