Soul Winners Reach Thousands at Street Parties

Each year, cultures with dominant Roman Catholic influence celebrate a huge bash just before the fast of Lent.

Priesthood Pedophilia Exposing Unbiblical Catholic Doctrine

In January the Vatican issued new rules dealing with priests who abuse children.

How We Reached Our In-Laws for Christ

Our in-laws were coming! We placed tracts and comics all around the house, and one night they accepted Christ.

What Did Mohammed Think of Jesus?

The ultimate test of any religion is its view of Jesus.

What Will You Do When They Know It's Not True?

Once upon a time there was a missionary in a far-off land...

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2002

16-year-old has been locked up over a year. He got saved in prison.

Tract Passing Tips January 2002

Public sidewalks, feeding ministry pantries, restrooms.

Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe.

Of course, the pope's brand of "Christian" has little to do with biblical Christianity but is much about power over political leaders.

Your Rights When Street Witnessing

Where do you stand with the law when you take the gospel to the streets?