So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?

How did we manage to get where families freely take their children downtown to watch parades of sexual perversion? Or to libraries to watch scantily dressed men prance around in women’s clothes and makeup?

Do we think that God is not watching what we are doing to our children?

Jesus spoke in Matt. 12:43-45 about the fate of a man who had been freed from a demon but did not fill the vacancy with the Spirit of God and ultimately receives seven worse demons than originally.

This risk also applies to societies. When we took the Bible out of our schools it left a vacancy that has been filled by the most hideous of demons.

Families also set themselves up to harvest bad fruit when they substituted television for family Bible study. These two trends have unleashed one of the most brutal demons, the one behind transgenderism.

The Christian Post reports that:

“…the number of young people identifying as transgender has doubled in just the last few years.”

What was originally a very rare case of what science calls “gender dysphoria,” the number of minors in America receiving that diagnosis tripled from 2017 to 2021. More than forty-two thousand received the diagnosis in 2021 alone.

Before social media, parents were careful to guard the environment around their children because they understood the “power of suggestion.” Any curious child introduced to a highly emotionalized subject will immediately scramble to know more about it. Those introductions were once kept to a minimum until they reached maturity enough to understand the context.

Now we have what is called “social contagion” that is spreading perverse suggestions that feed the youthful curiosity. And that contagion is greatly lubricated by the convenient interaction of social media.

“On the popular social media platform TikTok, #trans has logged 50.2 billion views as of this writing, having nearly doubled within the last year,” reports the Christian Post.

And Satan has engineered the entertainment industry to idolize the most physically attractive, feeding the “dysphoria.” These statistics indicate that our young ladies are the most vulnerable to this satanic attack. US transgender clinics report that about two-thirds of their patients are female.

An astounding second chapter to this story is that some of the supposedly caring, healing, professionals in the medical field are now cooperating and destroying the lives of these young women. They are quick to prescribe puberty blockers that cause sterilization, and permanently disfiguring healthy young bodies with grotesque surgeries.

Fortunately, some victims of this diabolical lie are loudly voicing their regret. They are pointing to the 20-times-normal suicide rate of transitioned people and to the 44,000 members in r/detrans on Reddit.

• • • • • •

(LEFT): Chloe Cole is an American activist who opposes gender-affirming care for minors and supports bans on such care following her own detransition. (RIGHT): Christopher Beck is a retired United States Navy SEAL who gained public attention in 2013 after coming out as a trans woman, and in 2022, when he announced his detransition.

• • • • • •

Women like Chloe Cole and others are bravely making the news circuits eloquently describing the horrors of the transitioning procedures and the permanent damage to their bodies. They tearfully regret that they may never be able to have children or nurse them if they had.

Multiple suits are being brought against doctors and hospitals by adults for permanently mutilating them while teenagers.

Backing them up are brave parents nationwide that are standing against local school boards for grooming the kids for transition and keeping it from the parents. They are also exposing libraries that carry pornography and lawmakers who are permitting rapists into women’s bathrooms and prisons.

In the Great Commission, Jesus said to go and preach the truth. We are at the point where you risk arrest if you do. But we have no choice if there is any chance of saving America to stand against the Devil’s evils in the rest of the world.

50 years ago Jack Chick saw this evil coming and began to write about it. Chick Publications has tracts that illustrate the hard-hitting stories of God’s judgement against this ultimate evil.

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