I Caught Netflix Trying to Groom My Kids

IMAGE: Screenshot of Netflix show "CoCoMelon Lane"

By Michael D. Daniels

The popular kids show CoComelon, in their new Netflix series, shows a boy dancing for his gay dads (yes, he has two!) in a tutu and tiara. Netflix seems to have forgotten the controversy over the viral videos of Desmond Napoles, who, at 8 years old, was recorded dancing in drag for all the gay men at the 2015 NYC Pride March. Accusations arose that his parents groomed him from a young age. Now Netflix may be fairly accused of trying to groom my kids.

I was tricked! My kids partly learned their ABCs, how to count, their colors, names of things, and daily routines through songs CoComelon has on YouTube. They reinforced what we’re trying to teach our kids. So, my wife and I were glad when Netflix adopted the show, giving us parental controls and helping us feel comfortable stepping out of the room to make dinner.

But it was a dirty trick. They added a spin-off show “CoComelon Lane” and slipped in Satan’s agenda. Naturally, kids and parents assumed it was safe. But on episode 8, a young redheaded boy, named Nico, is encouraged to “try something new”. Going for a photo shoot, Nico struggles to decide what to wear for the photo. Bathed in a lavender spotlight, Nico sings “If I’m not sure what to choose, how will I know what I’m supposed to do?” and is encouraged “Just be you”.

Nico dresses up as a fireman, a chef, and his dads are encouraging, but then they say, “Something that we know about you, you like to get up and dance. How about you break out those moves.” Next, he puts on a tutu and tiara and dances for his dads. Was it only that he liked to dance, or was there “something else” his dads “knew about”? What were they really encouraging?

Finally, Nico must decide which (of the costumes he tried on) to wear for the photoshoot. “Just be me?” he asks, glancing at the tiara sitting atop a pile of hats. Then holding the girls’ tiara in his right hand, and a boys’ spinner hat in his left, unable to choose, his dads sing “When you're trying to decide, think about the things you like to do. Just be you.”

I don’t believe it is reading in between the lines to suggest this could be seen as Nico trying to decide between being a boy or a girl or choosing between gay and straight. With both his dads’ advice to “just be you”, I can’t help but think of the homosexual mantra “I was born this way” with the implication “I’m just being me.”

While the world is telling us to allow our children to “just be themselves”, they set traps saying, “if your boy likes to dress like a girl and paint his nails, let him!” But when the world sees a boy dressed like that, they TELL him he is gay —they don’t wait for him to “decide”.

We must protect our kids. My kids don’t understand anything about sexuality, and yet Netflix, Disney, and many others, are trying to groom my kids to be like Desmond Napoles, and if they fall for the trick and cross-dress, the world will insist they are gay.

How do we keep the corruption out? Well, we can’t keep the world out entirely. We caught this one because we don’t allow our kids to watch stuff we haven’t reviewed. But what about conversations with other kids?

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).

I grew up on Chick Tracts. So much of my biblical worldview came from the illustrations and stories paired with the word of God. And my dad read Bible stories every night. It worked for me and my siblings. And I am trying to carry that forward with my kids.

It is so important that we train our kids to have a biblical worldview. If you don’t already have good Bible story books, get a Chick Tract Assortment, and read tracts to your kids. Topics and maturity recommendations vary, but at some point, our kids are going to get exposed to all of it. It is better for us to control the exposure and train them up in the right way!

Netflix may have tried to groom my kids, but with God’s help, I’m going to train them to resist the devil. We all must do this. We need a revival! And this is how it starts.

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