Canada Rapidly Becoming Dangerous For Christians

Our friendly neighbor to the north is becoming a lab case for government-approved destruction of life and promotion of perversion. Evidence shows up in a number of ways: abortion, euthanasia, and legislation promoting homosexuality.
Canada's abortion rate per 1000 women of childbearing age is only about 10 per year compared to over 50 in Russia. While Canada is not at the top of the list for the most abortions per year, it is on the cutting edge of the next assault on life, assisted death. Canada's 27.2 assisted deaths per 100,000 population is only behind the Netherlands at 43.7.
Four percent of all deaths in Canada last year were due to Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID). What began as an attempt to mercifully relieve terminal people from unbearable pain has taken on a new dimension. It is now being expanded to include sufferers of chronic disease, physically disabled, and possibly the mentally ill and children.
Pro-lifers have long warned that when respect for preborn life was lost, the slippery slope would begin. If it is okay to kill a baby in the womb, it becomes much easier to find an excuse to dispose of other undesirables. In less than 100 years we have moved from right to kill in abortion, to right to die in MAID, to talk of obligation to die because of the high cost of medical care.
Part of the logic being used in Canada is based on their failed socialist medical plan. Medical providers have pointed out for a long time that between 20% and 50% of the cost of medical care for an individual happens in the last six months of life. In 2017, the Canadian Medical Association journal published a report saying: "Medical assistance in dying could reduce annual healthcare spending across Canada by between $34.7 million and $138.8 million.
But if Satan cannot destroy life, he will try to pervert it.
The homosexual steamroller has also scored a hit in Canada. In January of 2022 Canada's Criminal Code was amended to strictly forbid "conversion therapy."
It forbids any "practice, treatment or service designed to," among other things, "change a person's sexual orientation to heterosexual," or "change a person's gender expression so that it conforms to the sex assigned to the person at birth." It also penalizes any attempt to "repress a person's non-cisgender (trans-) gender identity."
It goes on to explain that this does in no way forbid the attempt to help someone adjust to their delusion about their identity. In other words, counselling someone to continue to explore their same-sex attraction is encouraged. But it is illegal, even for Christians, to try to help someone who wants to get out of that confusion.
Parents are also trapped because the bill prohibits them from seeking helpful council for a confused child in another country. Violation of this is punishable by up to five years in prison.
The passage of this bill came after several other bills had been tabled or voted down in previous years by conservative lawmakers. This bill was passed by motions of unanimous consent in both chambers showing how quickly the country has moved into deeper perversity.
These are only a few of the ways that Canada has adopted this socialist mindset. Once a society gives up on energetically promoting God's way of life, Satan is more than ready to bring in all kinds of delusions.
The lie of evolution eliminates God from the picture. Then, desperate for purpose in life, the people hand over social, economic, and political control to the government. Heaven on earth is promised but tyranny results. Anyone who dares to believe the Bible and teach it is driven underground.
Bible believing pastors need to study the Canadian model carefully. It is a lab case in a small country of what will happen here unless Christians wake up and widely spread the word that the Bible has a better way.

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