Vigilant Homeschoolers Win Again

California continues as the nation's leader in attempting to take over your children. Homeschoolers there succeeded in fighting down a proposed bill that would have encroached on the freedoms of parents to oversee the education of their children. Initially, the bill would have mandated annual fire inspections of homeschooled homes. Initial reaction from homeschool defense groups caused the authors of the bill to drop that section. However, it also required more invasive reporting requirements when establishing a home school.

Authors of the bill could have saved themselves some effort had they more carefully researched the history of anyone who threatens this group of diligent parents. Several years ago, federal legislators attempted similar restrictions on home schoolers. Promptly, 800,000 calls clogged the Capitol Hill phone lines. The bill failed at that point.

A hearing on the California bill, AB 2756, was similarly stormed by parents, some with children in tow. Nearly 1000 people spoke against the bill with only 2 in favor. Members of the committee immediately declared the bill dead.

This was another example where over-eager one-worlders try to use the "bad apple" excuse. A recent scandal by a couple who abused their 13 children, whom they claimed to be homeschooling, was cited by the bill's author as the need for the regulations.

This just proves the need for constant vigilance by Christian parents. The whole culture is now our enemy in raising our children. Homeschooling can protect innocence for a while, but biblical righteousness must be an early emphasis in the home with a clear identification of the sins of the world and their consequences.

Those caught in Satan's web must be viewed with pity rather than with harsh judgment. Children must be taught early on how to share the joy of the Lord and the peace of the gospel. Sharing a gospel tract with a friend does not require someone "of full age." And the tract is likely to be taken home and read by more of the family.

One story shared by a Chick customer involved a prettily dressed little girl. One day when her family was out and about, they saw a burly, tattooed biker. Taking a Chick tract, she approached the man: "Sir", she asked sweetly, "Are you man enough to read this?" Of course, the tract was taken. Sometimes, only a child can get away with it. Many families have found that it is better to help their kids attack the devil rather than cower away from those who are carrying his influence. The children quickly rise to the struggle and become active warriors for the Kingdom.

Chick tracts and comics make excellent tools to teach your kids which side of the battle to be on.

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