Legislature Caves In on Parental Rights

The Georgia Legislature recently attempted to pass a bill giving parents the option to object when their child was about to join a homosexual club at school. Sodomite activists and education lobbyists succeeded in striking a provision that would have required written parental consent. The government settled for a mere notification to parents of the type of clubs available at the school.

Since the Ninth Circuit Court in California decided that "Parents... have no right to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise," schools have been emboldened to thumb their nose at parent's concerns and values.

Beginning in 1998, homosexual activist groups have organized over 2000 "Gay/Straight Alliance Clubs" in high schools nationwide. These clubs are often under the supervision of homosexual teachers. Their goal is to promote the idea that same-sex relationships are just another type of normal family.

In addition to the promotion of homosexuality, many schools are aiding in the premature sexualization of children. In the guise of health education, schools are introducing children to adult sexual practices such as condom use and intercourse techniques.

Even classes in literature are being used to expose students to sexually explicit writings. This kind of stimulation can only lead to early experimentation by children not mature enough to make the right choices in sexual behavior.

The Christian Law Association points out several cases where the U.S. Supreme Court defended parent's rights to control the education and upbringing of children. "This is what the education system is attempting to wrest from parents when it secretly provides opportunities for premature sexualization of children and for the developing attitudes that promote acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle," writes CLA.

Parents who have children in the public schools must be alerted to this secret assault. Know what clubs your school offers and what reading material is assigned to your children. Get acquainted with the teachers and vote for school board members who will support your values.

It is near impossible to protect children from some influence by our increasingly hostile culture. But they can be inoculated against Satan's lies by early doses of biblical truth. Many parents have done this by leaving Chick tracts and other literature laying around for children and their friends to read.

Any Christian parent who needs legal assistance in dealing with unlawful school practices can contact CLA at www.christianlaw.org or call (727)399-8300.