Jesus: Creator or Middle Man?

By David W. Daniels

In February of 1981, Time Magazine described a controversy about a United Church of Christ (UCC) minister named Mansfield Kaseman, who wanted to be ordained Presbyterian. They asked him. "Was Jesus God?"

Kaseman answered, "No, God is God." That`s kind of obvious. But is Jesus Christ God? He refused to say that.

Okay, the guy is a heretic. Get rid of him! But no, after fierce debate, the majority decided to ordain him a Presbyterian minister anyway. What would cause a guy to think that Jesus wasn't actually God? It couldn't be the Bible that he read, could it?

Well, let me tell you about something that had once made me think that maybe Jesus was NOT the Creator, after all. You won`t believe how tiny it was. Just one single word. Want to know what it was?

I graduated Bible college as a top Greek student. I tested right into Advanced Greek at Fuller Seminary. That would make a person think I really knew something. But all I knew is what I was taught. Think about it: who says my professors and Greek books got it right? And how do I know?

But the meaning of a single tiny word in a well-known verse got me to think that Jesus Christ was not the Creator. I started to think of Him more as a "middle man."

Please look at John 1:3: "All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made." Seems simple enough. "All things were made by him..."

What does that make Jesus? The Creator! Even a 5 year old can tell you that. That is the reading (and I checked it for myself) of every English Bible I could find through history, from Wycliffe in 1384 clear into the 1800s.

They all say: "All things were made BY HIM."

In 1870, a huge Greek interlinear was published, called the Emphatic Diaglott. In it they made this tiny change. Suddenly, all things weren`t made "BY" Him. Now, all things were made "THROUGH" Him. It`s not rocket science. If all things are only created THROUGH Him, Jesus isn`t the Creator anymore. He`s just the middle man.

If God the Father is Creator, Jesus didn`t exactly do the creating. Doesn't that lower Jesus a little bit?

Almost all Bibles say it now. Fifty-two modern Bibles all took away "by Him" and added "through Him." The New American Standard actually got it right, originally. But then they switched to "through" in their 1995 update.

Don`t look to the New King James to rescue you. It says "through." So does one of the first King James look-alikes, the King James II, as well as the just-published Modern English Version!

After years of researching, I found that God had kept His promise and preserved His words for us in English in the King James Bible. Jesus Christ IS the Creator. All things were made BY Him. He`s also the judge. I don`t want to be there when He judges those modern version Bible-changers. Do you?

You may not have this problem, yourself. But there is a new generation, called the Millennials. Many of them agree more with Mansfield Kaseman. They think, "Jesus was a nice guy, but he wasn`t God."

Are you going to give them a Bible that only feeds their doubt? Or are you going to give them a Bible to put their faith in, that testifies of Jesus in His rightful place, as Creator?

You want one that correctly says: "All things were made BY him". Make your choice. And be responsible for the outcome.

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