An Amazing Coincidence —Or Is It?

I just received a text from my friend, Daryl Coats. He described how he received his copy of the new book, Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read the King James Bible:

“Your newest book arrived the day before Victoria and I were scheduled to travel to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, so guess who now has something to read on the airplane and in waiting areas?”

I think a lot of Daryl as a Bible scholar, and I looked forward to his critique. But a few hours later he texted me again:

“I couldn’t help chuckling as I read page 31 ... seated on an airplane ... next to Victoria ... who had the window seat!

“Our first flight departed in VERY stormy weather. As a result, extra precautions were required. The plane taxied a LONG distance (much longer than usual for flights leaving Jackson headed to Dallas), then stopped. The captain explained that we would be parked 5-10 minutes as he and the crew went through a checklist before clearance for taking off.

“See what I would’ve missed if your book had arrived on a different day?!”

Since it sounds like a one-sided joke, I have to share what’s on page 31-32 of the book, so you can enjoy the irony with me!

“The King James Bible Provides a Checklist.

“Deborah and I have always wanted to fly in planes. And now we are finally getting the opportunity. She doesn’t like airports. She doesn’t like crowds. But boy, does she love the window seat! She loves to watch as we taxi and take off. It’s amazing how she can figure out where we are, pretty much day or night, just by looking out the window. She has studied maps, she knows landmarks, and all the years of reading books and looking at pictures have paid off, big time.

“They say it’s not such a big thing anymore to get a plane in the air. At least, it’s nothing compared to the other end: landing the plane. You can do all sorts of mid-course corrections on the way. But landing can only be done one way.

“You have to know the direction and speed of the wind. You have to know about the weather, and of course, the other planes in your area. There is only one runway that your plane can land on, at any given time. Your plane must land just right.

“So, do any of you want a hit-or-miss pilot? What if he suddenly decided he didn’t need to talk to air traffic control? What if he thought he could land on a different runway, in a different direction? He wouldn’t be a pilot for long —and we might not survive the trip. At least, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

“In short, we want a very narrow-minded pilot. We want someone who does every little thing “by the book.”

“So how come people are so sloppy about the very words of God? The Creator and Sustainer of the universe has lowered Himself to give us His rules and regulations, His principles and promises, His blessings and cursings. They are all there in one holy Book. So why do we treat it as less important than the pilot’s checklist?”

So just like me, Brother Daryl’s wife was by the window seat. And just like with us, Daryl found the immense value of having a very detailed checklist… just like our King James Bible. Isn’t it wonderful that God didn’t leave us without the BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth?

God bless you all, and I hope you enjoy the new book. And share it with someone who may have been told that they can’t read the King James Bible.

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