Danger of Hate Speech Laws Becoming Apparent

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

A brother in Christ asked an excellent question today. I have to share it with you.

"How come I didn’t know God since I was a teenager? Why did I have to go through many bad things? I wish I knew God a way long time ago...."

I responded, "If people did not follow through and get the gospel to you, then you did not get it until someone was faithful. God often sends many people —but it doesn’t mean they are going to carry the message."

I just posted a video on our YouTube channel about my conversion. It shows the very location where I was saved on June 7th, 1972. It shows how a guy that I only saw once in my life decided to walk from the alleyway into our apartment group and talk to me. He gave me a Chick tract (This Was Your Life) and stayed with me while I read it. Then he asked if I wanted to receive Jesus as my Saviour —I did!

Here’s the thing. Nobody in my life got anywhere close to doing what that man did, despite my going to a Christian church off and on throughout my life, and to some religious meeting almost every Sunday from birth.

So, what happened with everyone else? Why didn’t anyone else come to me with the gospel to save my soul?

That’s where saved people like you and I come in.

We have a commission from God to preach, to teach, to spread the gospel. He never said we are responsible for the response. We are responsible to tell them and let them decide.

That’s why we have Chick tracts. I love coming to the end of the day and discovering that I have to re-fill my pockets with tracts. I like realizing that I’m running out and may have to run and get more from one of my stashes (in the car, in the house, in the office). That means I’m getting the message out.

But I’ll never stop being grateful for the day that man responded to God and reached me.

May we all take these opportunities, whether we see the result, or not. May your pockets always be running out of Chick tracts – for the right reasons.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,