Pope's 'Unity' Push in High Gear

How would one go about establishing 'world peace'? Why, bringing all religions together under one False Prophet, of course.

New Church In Dominican Republic After Saturation with Chick Tracts

The following report is from the Dominican Republic, where you helped us send 20,000 tracts in February.

If 'Evangelism' is Dying, What Shall We DO?

Evangelism is dying in the U.S. What have missionaries discovered that could help us here?

Somewhere, Every Three Hours a Christian Dies for His Faith

While Christians abroad often face torture or death, American Christians are comfortable and apathetic. But the "freedom FROM religion" movement in the U.S. promises changes ahead.

They're After Your Children!

For years laws in California and some other states have been passed that allow gay advocates more and more access to your child. But there IS something you can do.

Christian Media Pushing Ecumenism

A popular Christian magazine is promoting the idea of cooperating with Rome by focusing only on things that unite us, ignoring the differences as if they do not matter. But error mixed with truth is still error.

Missionary Pressured to 'Unite as One' with Catholics

Ecumenism pressure is building in many parts of the mission field. This email just came from a ministry in Latin America.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2014

Everyone is going to get a summons to appear before the highest court in the universe. We've got to warn them to be ready!

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2014

Catholic sister was determined to prove Alberto wrong. But when she studied it, she got saved.