Are We Really Too Dumb to Read the King James?

When people tell you that the King James Version of the Bible is hard to understand, can you believe them? Although you can generally trust them, is it possible that they have bad information? Shouldn’t you see for yourself? After all, we are talking about important words that our Creator chose for us to know. These weren’t just random words.

If you learned that the secrets of the ages were contained in a book, but you didn’t know some of its words, what would you do? I know what you would do: you would go get all the reference books that you needed to decipher that book and its language. You would quickly try to learn whatever you could from that precious book.

Well guess what? God has decided to put His precious words for us in one language for both the Old and New Testaments. And He did this around 1611. That’s over 400 years ago. God placed His riches into this language which has become universal.

One third of the nations in the world speak English either as a first or second language. When English made its march to domination, one book set the standard for classic English, the new Bible authorized by King James. 400 years later, modern English contains over 200 figures of speech traceable to the King James English. There is no other world language competing against English. God appears to have set His words in this language until Jesus returns. I believe that it is the final end-times language for God’s words.

Modern scholars love to disagree with God’s words and substitute their own. Which do you prefer? Would you rather learn a few words that are a little difficult at first, and then get the riches that come from having the exact words of God? Or would you rather take the easy way out, and risk getting nothing but the opinions of a few self-professed scholars? The choice is yours.

But if you are one of those people who wants God’s words no matter what, we have a new book for you: Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read the King James. If the King James seems a little bit difficult, this book will help you get over the hump. Learning a few principles and practices and using a few of the helps in this book, you will be well on your way to understanding God’s words like you never have before. Don’t you think it’s worth a look?

I believe the King James is the end times Bible in English. After the invention of the movable type printing press, God began to prepare a world Bible. Throughout the 1500s, the Roman Catholic system suppressed God’s words in many nations. But God miraculously defended one country: England. And from 1604-11, two opposing Christian groups, the Puritans and the Church of England, came together to produce a single translation they all could agree upon. In 1611 God’s words were cemented in one language, and its fruit stunned the world. Its words brought such faith that they started revivals, as well as world-wide missions.

If God did all that to preserve His words for us, shouldn’t we put out a little effort to learn to read it?