Catholic Sex Scandals Provide Big Soul Winning Opening

The recent pedophile scandal in the Roman Catholic church is bringing to the surface a deeper and more longstanding, widespread corruption.

Who Was Jesus' Father?

The fact that Joseph was not the father of Jesus, is a central belief of all who base their faith on the Bible.

Can Christians Play D&D? Author Says No!

As a Christian, would it be appropriate for you to participate in a role-playing game with friends where each of you imagines a scenario involving a variety of sexual activities including fornication, adultery and homosexuality?

9-11 Opened A New Witnessing Opportunity

Cataloging all the changes is not possible but soul winners have joined in the world's sudden new focus on Islam.

Chick Mail Bag July 2002

They got mad when they read "Alberto," then they got saved.

Sodomites Targeting Next Generation

On April 10th, students in nearly 1800 high schools and colleges gave up talking for the day in protest over "intolerance" toward sodomite classmates.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2002

They kept me glued to the Bible for years.

How Can Priests Avoid Causing Scandal?

While severely condemning sexual relations between people who are not married to each other, God explains that sexual contact between married people is not sin.

R.A. Torrey Admits He Was Wrong About Gospel Tracts

Famous author and Christian educator, R. A. Torrey, admits that he did not, at first, see the value of Gospel tracts.

Tract Passing Tips

Witnessing ideas from our customers.