Bible Versions: What Difference Does it Make?

Are there good reasons why we should be concerned about the proliferation of Bible versions, or is it "much ado about nothing?"

Church Uses Chick Tracts to "Get the Word Out" to 7 Counties

Like most local churches, Calvary Baptist Church of St. Paul, Virginia puts most of its efforts into reaching its own community.

Be sure you know the difference: Cult or Denomination?

Many today are confused over whether groups that call themselves "churches" are really Christian denominations or cults of Christianity.

Roman 'Giant' Waking From Long Sleep in Mexico

"Like a giant waking from a long sleep, Mexico's Catholic church is beginning to stir," reports the British magazine The Economist.

Baptists Included in List of 'Dangerous Sects' in Europe

Homicides and suicides related to religious cults in Europe are causing the European Parliament and several individual countries to begin monitoring a wide range of religious groups which they believe to be "dangerous sects."

Christian T-Shirts Work Where Tracts Restricted

Soul winners who have been restricted in passing out tracts on private property such as shopping malls are turning to "T-Shirt Evangelism."

Buddha's Sacred Tooth Makes State Visit to Taiwan

Americans enamored with eastern religions would do well to study carefully their bondage of superstition.

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