Chick Mail Bag March-2007

I admire your stand and appreciate your tracts. I gave one (Gunslinger) out to a lady in the gas station, she read it, her friend read it, and when I came back in later to get coffee another guy standing behind the counter was reading it. That means the price of the Chick tract went from 14 cents to seven cents to three and a half cents in less than a day. I can not say that anyone got saved, but I do know three different people heard the gospel. God bless you and thank you very much.
G. H. Email

I`ve never thanked you for the tract Holy Joe. I accepted Jesus in 1979 after the tract angered me to tears. Thank you! Now, I buy your tracts, books and tapes for use in my own personal ministry. Last year I purchased eight copies of "Masonry Beyond the Light", and sent them to the members of my family who are Masons. Today, none of those eight men speak to me. Oh well! As a black Christian who strives to be Biblical rather than popular, I applaud the tract Allah Had No Son.
L. L. CA

I just thought I`d write you and share with you how much I enjoy your literature and how helpful it has been to me. I am a former Roman Catholic, and I appreciate the position you have taken. It is not a popular one, but many eyes are being opened. I received quite an "education" from reading Sabotage and Let`s Weigh the Evidence.
R. B. Walpole, MA

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