Bus Ministries Love Chick Tracts

Churches that have developed bus ministries have found Chick tracts useful in several ways.

Can Government Promote Charity Without Religion?

While Christians in America are rejoicing in the new shift toward a tone of righteousness in Washington, we must look carefully at the "faith-based initiatives" and "charitable choice" being talked about.

Weakness of 'Scientific' dating method exposed

Over a 20 year career, Shinichi Fujimura made one amazing archaeology discovery after another.

Let's Take the Gospel Where the Crowds Are

Snapshots from the Summer Olympics in Sidney, Australia show how Chick tracts grab the attention of both young and old.

Here Comes Harry

How Strange! Thousands of children lined up outside bookstores waiting for them to open so they can buy a book?

Chick Mail Bag - March 2001

I was drinking 6 quarts a day and smoking pot. This tract turned me around.

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: A Muslim Mosque

Muslims in America now number in the millions.

Is God Really Able to Preserve His Word?

"Did God really preserve His Word for us today?" This question is central to all Bible version arguments.

Prison Ministry Letters: March 2001

When visiting my son in jail, I give these to others to read while they are waiting their turn.

Tract Passing Tips - March 2001

Shopping, courtroom, airport bathroom stalls,