'Alberto's Death Won't Stop Us From Winning Catholics to Christ'

Week after week, testimonies pour into Chick headquarters from precious ex-Catholics rejoicing that they have learned the truth of their spiritual peril from the Alberto comics.

Buddhist Fad Makes for New Witnessing Opportunity

1500 new monasteries and temples in the U.S. provides more opportunities to witness to Buddhists.

Eavesdropping Can Bring Witnessing Opportunities

One day, while landscaping at a local car wash business, I overheard three men talking about their heart bypasses...

Chick Mail Bag


Chick's Nigerian Distributor Jailed for 5 Weeks Over Chick Tract

A fax from the Chick Publication distributor in Nigeria spotlights the blessing we have in America in the freedom to present the gospel.

Orthodox Church Persuades Russia to Outlaw Bible Believing Churches

When the Iron Curtain was dismantled in the early 1990s and missionaries were welcomed into the crumbling Soviet Union, many observers feared that the window of opportunity would be short lived.

Purgatory: Gold Mine of the Priesthood

Much confusion exists among Protestants regarding the Roman Catholic teaching of purgatory, largely because Rome is careful not to discuss it too openly where a Protestant might hear.

Witness in Malls The 'Small Table' Strategy

When you are witnessing at a mall and security is getting insistent, you might be successful in suggesting using the table approach.

Witness in Parks : Don't Get Arrested: Just Learn the Rules

We have all heard the horror stories of people being harassed and even arrested for witnessing in public places and this tends to make us wary about sharing our faith.

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