How some preachers trick you when defining Greek words!

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David: There is a lie you've got to know. When a pastor comes into your congregation... Let's pretend. Some of you guys go to a congregation that actually preaches from the King James.

Then you have somebody come in. And he says, "Well, the Original Greek says, blah blah blah..." He'd might as well be saying that, because what he's really doing --he's not telling the Original Greek. He's telling you another translation. Because he's not speaking to you in Greek, is he? He says one word in Greek, but everything else he's saying to you is in what? English. You don't really translate. You give alternate translations.

Jack: Thank you.

David: You're not really giving the Greek. You're giving an alternate translation of the Greek.

One of my sons watched a preacher. My son had a side by side Bible, parallel, with NIV on one side, King James on the other. And he sat there and he watched this preacher preach. And every time he "defined the Greek," he was actually reading the NIV.

That was a perfect example: you don't really translate. I was going to go as a translator into a foreign country. But in what language was I going to understand everything? English. The best of what we understand is what in linguistics we call "glosses," our close estimate to what something meant, as opposed to what we have here (in the KJV). People who actually understood the language, communicated it in English. We have the work done. And not only is it done. It's been tested for over 400 years. Tried, tested, and proved to be God's words. And you can rely on them.

I used to have a sign, saying, "You can't break God's promises by leaning on them." I can lean on this Book, and "It ain't gonna break."

Jack: Wow, what a testimony.

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