Linguists says: "King James Bible Changed My Life"

David Daniels, a trained linguist conversant in Greek and Hebrew, had just read Gail Riplinger's book New Age Bible Versions. Her claims challenged everything he had been taught in seminary. He decided to take her on. Determined to find the truth, he began checking her facts one after another. To his surprise, he found documented evidence that repeatedly backed her up. Then, after reading her latest book, Language of the King James Bible, he could deny the facts no longer. The evidence proved that the KJV is God's preserved Word.

The change in David's life was immediate and dramatic. Read how he describes it himself:

"When I read a text now, I do not have the option of doubting it and checking with the latest Greek or Hebrew texts and textual commentaries, etc., for a way out. I have no way out.

"I have to believe what I find. This is changing my theology. At first it was small things, like noting the vast differences in the teachings on adultery in the Matthew texts. Then it was the evidence for a Johannine trinity in 1 John 5:7f.

"But what was catching my eye, and my heart, is much more simple: The reality of hell (not Gehenna, not Hades, not Sheol, not 'the shades').

"Now my world is enlarging. It is just this narrowing, without excuses, into one Bible as God's Word in English, that no longer allows me to twiddle my thumbs at the lost multitudes. The Scriptures scream at me!! Those not accepting Christ are indeed rejecting Him, and they are condemned to an eternity in hell without parole! These people have to hear the truth! They have no other choice that will bring them salvation.

"I have to face the fact that I, as a Christian, am a watchman on the wall. I am responsible for those to whom I do NOT TELL the Word of God about Jesus Christ.

"Which is more important? Knowing that the closest thing to the homosexual-influenced NIV is the Jehovah's Witnesses' New World Translation, or knowing that I can use my Bible (not his-oh, what a trap that is!) to show him the Living and True Son of God, who is God the Son.

"I never imagined I would plead with a group of men for their souls, as they continued walking down the street in order not to deal with me. I never dreamed I would have the conviction I have, that lost souls are going to hell; and that Jesus Christ, God the Son and Son of God is the Only Way through Whom to reach the Father.

"I pray that everyone reading this will ache for a burning desire to have a part in saving souls. Pass out tracts. Ask that burning question: What would happen to you should you die tonight - where would you go? Help them find assurance of salvation.

"If any of you think I am becoming a narrow-minded, KJV-only, Bible-toting literalist, you are right. I am narrow-minded: God is helping me to see what really matters; and slowly but surely He is turning me from an irresponsible (and guilty) watchman to a responsible soul-winner.

"Would that all readers of His Word became so narrow-minded."

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