Why Does Romans 8:16, 26 Call the Holy Spirit "It" and Not "He"?

Question: Why does Romans 8:16, 26 refer to the Holy Spirit as an "it" and not a "he", like is found in other parts of Scripture? To me it seems almost disrespectful to call Him an "it" when He is obviously a person.

Answer: The King James translators were honest and had one goal: to communicate God's own words in the English language. When they read the Greek, they saw the Holy Ghost is referred to in the neuter, not masculine or feminine. In English, the only way to legitimately translate the neuter is to say "it".

Which do you really want: a translation that gives you what the translators think God really meant (as if He could make a mistake), or a translation that actually puts in your language exactly what God really said? I want God's exact words in my language, not man's counterfeit guesses. I trust that the Holy Spirit is able to teach me what they mean.

May God bless you as you read and believe God's preserved words in English, the King James Bible.

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