What One Person Can Do

I confronted the church I attend about using the NIV and other translations and told them the history on it. One man checked into it, an elder, and found out I was telling him the right information. He broke down and cried during Sunday School a couple of weeks ago!

Had it not been for Jack Chick Ministries, I would not have known about this! I praise God for Brother Jack! Also, a praise report, my Pastor has agreed to have Jack Chick Tracts on a table in our church foyer and our church members are using them for ministry. I am making a big order tomorrow, God willing!

Also, I need to order the plastic holders for businesses as I have found that business owners are willing to put them at their registers for their customers. I bought a stamp for our church and stamped the back of the tracts and now people are using those tracts to find the address to our church and attend. My Pastor is delighted! God bless, y`all!
—Mrs. K. M.