Rome Encouraging Bible Reading?

A survey of 2000 Roman Catholics in England found that only 34% agreed that the Bible is “extremely important” to their faith. As a response, Catholic Church leaders there are mounting a campaign called, “The God Who Speaks: The Year of the Word,” to “help Catholics get the most out of the scriptures.”

The campaign will encourage local dioceses to come up with events focused on the “importance of engaging with the Bible every day.” Only about half of the respondents in the survey claimed to read the Bible daily outside of church.

This is just another smoke-and-mirrors attempt by this counterfeit church to appear truly Christian. For centuries the Vatican made every effort to keep the Bible from the common man. Piles of Bibles were destroyed during the Inquisition that rooted out heretics for death at the stake.

The reason for the destruction at that time was the kind of Bibles. Rome had its own versions based on flawed Latin manuscripts but they never got traction with the public. One reason was that they have always taught that the commoner could not understand the Bible, but must have the “church” to interpret it.

Few common people even bothered to learn to read until the Protestant bibles came along. And that is where the rub comes for the Pope. It was the destruction of the Protestant bibles that the Inquisition was all about. But the Devil’s hatred for God’s words has not changed.

Today, Satan’s attack on God’s words has moved to plan “B” —pollution instead of destruction. Unable to burn all the Reformation stream of bibles and substitute their corrupted versions, the counter-reformation forces plotted to turn the world against the Bibles that are based on preserved manuscripts.

At the same time they would introduce manuscripts doctored in favor of pagan Roman Catholic doctrine.

Today, they have succeeded in disparaging the preserved stream of manuscripts that culminated in the ultimate English translation, authorized by King James. In its place is a scattershot of “modern versions,” all with varying degrees of support for the pagan teachings of Rome.

So, why are the British Catholic leaders pushing Bible reading now, when they have fought so long to prevent it in history? What they have resisted was a Bible that was based on pure, preserved manuscripts. Now that they think that their effective negative PR campaign against the KJV has removed it from the center of the battlefield, they are confident in pushing their more Catholic-friendly versions.

The current Roman Catholic Bibles, such as the New American Bible and New Jerusalem Bible (and even formerly Protestant Bibles like the Good News and the ESV), not only omit important verses, such as Acts 8:37 that counters infant baptism, but contain several of the apocryphal folktales that support purgatory and prayers for the dead. They also contain doubt-producing footnotes, such as the one that questions the inclusion of Mark 16:9-20.

In addition to the corrupted versions officially endorsed by Rome, Jesuit infiltrators have succeeded in shifting even the Bibles used by today’s Protestants away from the preserved stream of manuscripts to the corrupted Sinaiticus and Vaticanus documents. Many of them contain the same alterations in favor of Catholic doctrine, found in the official RC bibles.

Thus, there is little fear by British RC leaders in pushing Bible readings, since the reader is likely to be reading a Catholic-friendly Bible. But if they were reading a King James, they would soon see that the pope’s brand of counterfeit Christianity fits neatly into the definition of the spirit of anti-Christ. The Reformation leaders had no problem seeing this connection, because they had copies of the words of God that Jesus promised to preserve (Matt 24:35).

For more information on this thumbnail of history, see Did the Catholic Church Give us the Bible? and Look What’s Missing by David W. Daniels.

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