Latin American Missionary Effort Exploding

For several decades we have watched as millions left the counterfeit Roman Catholic church in Latin America to join the growing Bible-believing churches. Now they are maturing and beginning to take the Great Commission seriously. 
A revival spirit has birthed thousands of churches that are free to take the Bible for what it says. This mirrors early America when we experienced a similar phase of churches extending their reach until most small towns had several.
Latin America has a wide diversity of backgrounds. Originally, the native peoples were supplanted by the European invaders. These also brought a diversity from Spanish to Portuguese, Dutch and British.
Now there are strong central churches that are obeying the Great Commission and planting other churches within their countries. At the same time, they are looking at missionary opportunities close by, with the many native tribes who are still active. And the millions more still in bondage to the dead rituals of Roman Catholicism are easily persuaded to come into a new freedom in Christ. Missionary societies are sponsoring conventions to gather many congregations together from outside their local area. These include agencies through which funds are funneled to establish missionaries in remote parts of the Western Hemisphere and beyond. 
Latin America is becoming more and more sensitive to the world's need for missions. One missionary described the disposition of Latin Christians as more sensitive to the plight of impoverished mission fields.
Today, they have over 10,000 evangelical missionaries serving in more than 100 countries. Just since 2000, there has been a 300% growth in this effort. Four hundred mission agencies account for 9000 missionaries with an estimated 3000 who have gone out without agency support.
This is exactly what happened in early America, but it has been slowing down for some time now.
While the United States still sends out more missionaries, many US churches have cooled somewhat in their zeal to reach unreached peoples. The fledgling Latin churches are bringing a fresh momentum to the gospel that is being felt worldwide.
As we see the spiritual darkness gathering, we often pray the scripture, "come quickly… Lord Jesus." Yet He wants us to remember that there are still millions who will respond to the gospel if we bother to take it to them.
Unfortunately, the commonly used Spanish Bible, the RV 1960, has been polluted with changes that don't match the traditional Scriptures. Pastor Humberto Gomez, who was able to apply modern research to the Bible issue, spent years correcting this.
He first chose the Reina Valera 1901 version because it was closer to the Textus Receptus and the King James. By using the Internet, he enlisted renowned Spanish biblical scholars to comb through the 1901 for places that diverge from the Textus Receptus originals. 
By 2010 he was able to publish the Reina Valera Gomez (RVG) version. It is becoming increasingly popular in Spanish speaking congregations. To support the boom in Latin America, Chick Publications carries several styles and bindings. If you have Spanish speaking friends, they may not be aware that there is a better Bible available.
Chick tracts have played a small part in this revival and worldwide missionary effort. Each new tract we publish is immediately translated into Spanish and released at the same time. Over the years, millions have been salted into the Latin world. And when the missionaries go out to other nations, we can generally supply tracts for whatever language they need.
Missionaries tell us Chick Tracts often significantly increase the possibility of starting a church. These Missions Projects have been made possible by our many customers who donate their hard-earned money into the Missions Fund. The tracts become a valuable tool extending the reach of home churches as well as missionaries around the world. 

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