'Chick Tracts are an Absolute Must!' Say Missionaries

"Chick tracts are an absolute must, on an hour-by-hour basis, to reach the bustling masses of Chinese souls we encounter. No one can expect to impact such a place unless tracts are in their hand every step of the way!" says missionary Pat Caspary.

"We know we can't stop to talk with every individual, in throngs of hopeless people, so we put tracts everywhere we go and pray that God gives the increase." Caspary is one of a growing list of missionaries around the world who are able to use Chick tracts because someone at home began to share the burden. As the Chick list of foreign translations grows, some remote corners of the globe are being reached.

Missionary to Thailand Steve Kavli, who receives Chick tracts from Todd Roper, a layman who understands a missionaries need for tracts, says, "In a culture that knows nothing about Jesus Christ, tracts serve several purposes. First they are tools to be used to expose people to the Gospel for the first time.

"Secondly, they are useful to leave with a person after they have had a verbal presentation of the Gospel. Without tracts the missionaries' task would be more difficult. Many times people will immediately stop what they are doing and read the tract.

"The sources of tracts in Thailand are limited. Chick tracts have been able to fill the gap in providing appealing tracts to spread the Gospel. Several years ago I was working with a small group of Christians in a rural village. As we were singing some songs, a truck of workers came in from the fields.

"A man got off the truck, came over and wanted to know more. He told me that some years before he had received a tract that said that there was a God. He wanted to know if that was true. When we told him so, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. He was prepared to accept Christ because he had read a tract."

From the "bustling masses" of Hong Kong to remote rural villages, missionaries relate the same stories. Caspary continues: "We have literally seen people come running from all directions to get ahold of these tracts. We have seen bus-loads of citizens receive tracts readily. We put tracts into a sandwich bag with a toy or candy and have seen people who will paddle against the current to get these little treasures when we are on a boat passing them out."

Missionary to Brazil, Danny Callis recently worked with 175 people passing out 140,000 tracts during a Brazilian Baptist Convention in Salvador.

One man touched by these tracts had taken his wife and kids to the bus station and was returning to his home to commit suicide when he found a tract on the ground. On the back of the tract was a phone number. The man called and did not commit suicide.

Also a night guard found a tract at work and read the tract three times. He, too, called the phone number and confessed that he never knew that God loved him so much.

A Christian worker in Guatemala using Esta Fue Tu Vida, had a remarkable experience. A man read the tract and said, "You have just shown me my life." He began to tremble and he fell to his knees, repented and gave his life to Christ. He confessed he was a guerrilla and had planned to kill some people that night.

Missionary to Africa, Al Anderson, tells us that, "The literacy rate in Africa is growing rapidly and we are behind in providing good literature in winning people to Christ.

"The cults are getting into the act. The Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are using this medium to great advantage. Those of us who are trying to preach Christ are falling behind in the use of literature."

Tracts that people receive in their own language are vital tools in a missionary's hands. Tracts go home with people. They are read and re-read, shared with friends and family. Sometimes whole villages or towns are effected by their message.

Are there missionaries supported by your church whose effectiveness could be lengthened by Chick tracts? Chick Publications will gladly supply free samples for your missionary to review.

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