Chick Mail Bag July/August 2013

"Thanks for all of the new tracts! Let me tell you about last Tuesday night at the County Jail. The Chaplain felt lead to send three of us volunteer chaplains to "lock down solitary confinement," (6 x l0) concrete/steel cells. These men were put here because they were uncontrollable, etc. My first two inmates were past reason/understanding. However, the third inmate was in his mind and planning a break out. He said he was saved, but two wives had left him. I could not deal with him about his soul he was so arrogant. I finally said I had to move on, and kicked him two tracts under the door, Unloved & Peacemaker. However, about fifteen minutes later, a guard came and asked me to revisit cell sixteen. I went back and it was the aforementioned inmate. He was crying and said, "Sir, I lied and I am not saved. I can not understand the Bible, theology, or preaching. However, 1 sure can understand those two little books you kicked under the door. I need to get saved." He repeated the sinner`s prayer after me with tears running down his face. Glory! A couple weeks later I was in another pod which housed a lot of Christian inmates and told them about it. The inmates said he is in this pod and told us how he got saved by reading those little books and praying to Jesus."
T. W., TN

"...When I was a baby Christian, Chick Tracts nourished me from a 90 pound weakling, into a WARRIOR! Just like on the cover of The Next Step...keep up the fight. After all, the WORST they can threaten us eternal life!"
M.R., Facebook Post

"Last night I took Light of the World into the jail here for chapel. Five of the seven inmates prayed to receive Christ. I highly recommend this movie to prison ministries and any other kind of ministry."
T.B., NV

"I picked up a Chick tract at my local WalMart in the bathroom after a janitor cleaned. I smiled to think he might have planted Love the Jewish People. All the stalls had one along with the Constitution pamphlet. [I was]...thrilled at the thought that your tracts are still in print after all these years.

"I was saved after reading one of these tracts as a little girl waiting for my mom at the doctor`s office. Someone planted some in the waiting room. I was just old enough to read and the little book was very attracting to me with all the cartoons and small size. The message drew me in. It was a sobering but hopeful story called This Was Your Life This little tract was part of my faith journey... We serve our Lord and raise our children up in the Lord and now our children are serving Him. "
J.Y., Facebook Post

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