Chick Mail Bag July-2006

I just wanted you to know that The Soul-Winner's Handy Guide was instrumental in my dad coming to Jesus. He got saved just a few days before he died of cancer. The last words I heard him say were, "Jesus is Lord!" It was the clear and complete information in this book that was the most help in opening the gospel to him.
L.D. - e-mail

28 years ago your tracts changed my life FOREVER!
Wanamingo, MN

The Chaplain encourgaged my faith. I praise God for Chick tracts!
Aurora, CO

For 12 years my wife and I have been trying to win her mother to the Lord. We gave her Why is Mary Crying? and Are Roman Catholics Christians? After reading both of them, she left the Catholic church in 24 hours! Why is Mary Crying? is like the "softball" approach and the tract Are Roman Catholics Christians? is the "fastball" approach. Your tracts have turned our witnessing world upside down!
Flowery Br, GA

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