Canadian Doctor Loses Fight for Children's Innocence

An Ontario, Canada, father has just been told that his only recourse is to remove his children from the public schools if he wishes to protect them from homosexual indoctrination. The case is being closely followed because of its importance in the struggle between parental rights and the new civil (sexual) rights laws.

Dentist Steve Tourloukis requested that he be notified whenever his kindergartener and second grader was to be exposed to lesson material, such as abortion and homosexuality, that conflicted with his Greek Orthodox faith.  When the school board refused, he asked the Ontario Superior Court to uphold his parental rights to freedom of religion and declare that he was the final authority over the education of his children.

The court ruled that Tourloukis` religious rights must be subject to the government`s rules of "inclusivity, equality and multiculturalism. Since homosexual behavior has been legalized, activists demand to be equally included in our culture. They will not tolerate any reference to it being sinful.

Representatives from a teacher`s union argued in the case that the law required that "inclusivity" (homosexual propaganda) be laced into all aspects of the curriculum and that it was impractical to notify the parents every time it occurred.

Another aspect of the court`s decision was assignment of attorney`s fees. Because the verdict was against Dr. Tourloukis, he is now responsible for both his own fees and those of the school board because they won the case. The total for the four-year trial runs near a million dollars.

This factor alone discourages most people from taking on such a fight. Tourloukis is considering whether to appeal the verdict, but if he does, the cost will continue to escalate.

Canada is on the forefront of where the U.S. is headed. Last year, when the U.S. Supreme court invented the right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution, this loosened the attack dogs on anyone who disagrees with the full approval of this "abomination."

Previous BATTLE CRY articles have documented how homosexual indoctrination is already far advanced in the U.S. schools. It is part of the "sexual revolution" that began over 50 years ago.

But Satan knows that he has to get the kids. We are now a generation deep into the teaching of "sex education" in our schools. The result is young adults of voting age who see little problem with same-sex marriage. They have bought the lie that what consenting adults do in private is nobody`s business.

But that is hardly the case. reports that treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) costs U.S. taxpayers 16 billion dollars a year. When sex became common recreation regardless of marriage, STDs exploded. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the fight against STDs has "unraveled."

The inconvenient truth about the sexual revolution goes beyond general promiscuity. The gross sexual practices of the homosexual are a major contributor to the STD epidemic. In one survey, over 80% of the syphilis cases were of men who have sex with other men, who also account for over 60% of the HIV infections.

And tax dollars are not the only cost. Broken families are destroying the very foundations of what made America great. Marriage vows, if even bothered with, are routinely broken with no-fault divorce.

For the Bible believer, the only recourse is a strong biblical foundation in our children. It is virtually impossible to shield them from hearing Satan`s propaganda. They must be taught to discern the evil and follow the good.

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