But it has Jesus in it!

Nobody could resist sweet, little Havilah...

We are a family of ten (my husband and I with eight children) who have grown up on Chick tracts. My husband found Chick tracts at phone booths and Laundromats growing up and they were seeds toward his salvation. The children absolutely LOVE passing them out to people, and just reading them themselves!

In the picture is our five-year-old, Havilah. We had the privilege to meet up with our dear brethren out in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on a sort of "missions" trip to not only visit them, but to go out on the streets each night to preach, hold up Bible signs, and pass out Chick tracts, as well.

In this picture, Havilah was at the rodeo there in Tulsa passing them out. She was so cute as she thoroughly enjoyed doing this! However, she couldn't quite grasp the idea of some people turning her down (being just 5 years old). So, she would tell them in her sweet little voice, "But it has Jesus in it!" Few could resist her handing them a tract saying, "It has JESUS IN IT!"

The kids all have tract wallets they keep on them wherever we go, and are "instant" in passing their Chick tracts out. We also see them pulling them out many times while in the car on our way to places, just reading them themselves, or at home the younger ones asking the older ones to read them to them. It's such a blessing to see! We even have a "tradition" around here where they get them for birthday presents since we run out of them often, and they get really excited to have their "stock" replenished.

I grew up in my home where there were a couple of them stashed in a drawer (probably from my uncle). I would pull them out and read them, too. This is where I really started liking them. My favorites were Somebody Loves Me and This Was Your Life. I'd read them over and over again!

My husband has had unbelievers at his work practically fight over them and accuse each other of stealing their "booklets." He would assure them that he'd bring more. He gave a tract assortment to one man and the next day he came to work with bloodshot eyes and said HE STAYED UP ALL NIGHT READING EVERY SINGLE ONE AND COULDN'T GET A WINK OF SLEEP until he finished the stack!! So now it is a great joy to have our eight children growing, and having grown up on them as our oldest will be nineteen the end of this month.

The kids are to always ask permission to get on the internet, and usually when they ask to go somewhere, Chick.com is where they like to go the most! We ALL really appreciate this ministry, and find it a true joy, and privilege (aside from a King James Bible) to have such great witnessing materials like Chick tracts when we are out on the "battle lines" all the time as a family. CHICK TRACTS GET READ!!!

-Heather H., Facebook

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