'Alberto's Death Won't Stop Us From Winning Catholics to Christ'

Altar Call A number of people have wondered, now that Alberto Rivera is dead, will Chick Publications continue to publish his story in the Alberto Crusaders comic books and other books and booklets? "No way will we back off," says Jack Chick.

"We love the precious Roman Catholics too much to quit and let the mother of harlots devour their souls. I thank God for the day Alberto came into our lives. It changed the course of history when we hit with the Alberto comics. Alberto told me that Rome would use the charismatic movement to seduce Protestants back under the pope's control. We are part of the last wall of defense against the ecumenical steam roller headed our way. The Jesuits never give up and neither will we. But they are working hard. Just watch how they are infiltrating Christian television, Christian publishing and movements like Promise Keepers.

"Alberto's death does not change the fact that there are still over 50 million precious people in just the U.S. alone that are deceived by Roman Catholicism's false 'gospel' and are headed for eternity in hell. World wide there are one billion looking to the pope, his Virgin Mary goddess, and their wafer god for salvation.

"Is the great commission void because one soldier has fallen? When I paid him to use his story, it was just one of several vehicles that God wanted me to use to expose the Whore of Revelation 17 and 18. We will hinder and hold back antichrist until the Lord comes. The Alberto story is not hate literature. It is a message of life and love to the multitudes of Roman Catholics who have come to Christ."

Week after week, testimonies pour into Chick headquarters from precious ex-Catholics rejoicing that they have learned the truth of their spiritual peril from the Alberto comics. They are learning the truth and it is making them free from the superstition, ritual, simony, and bondage to Rome's priestcraft. Here is a letter typical of the many which have come in to Chick Publications over the years:

I was raised in the Catholic Church and had always attended Catholic schools while growing up in New York City. I was educated by priests and nuns and was taught to believe that, in order to please God and go to heaven, I must confess my sins to the priests, attend mass every Sunday, receive "Holy Communion," receive all the sacraments, pray the rosary, pray before the statues of "Virgin" Mary and the Catholic "saints," obey all the rules and regulations set forth by the pope and the Vatican and do good deeds. Well, I did all those things and yet the best they told me I could hope for was to go to purgatory when I die and maybe work off some unconfessed sins after which I might possibly go on to heaven.

In the spring of 1990, at the age of 32, I moved from New York City to Orlando, Florida. There, in a laundromat, I first discovered Chick tracts. Someone would leave a new stack of tract titles week after week.

In particular it was the tract, That Old Devil which caused me to seriously rethink my Roman Catholic beliefs and give serious thought to the eternal destiny of my soul. That tract explained that it is the devil's lie that God weighs my good deeds against my bad (which is what I used to believe). My salvation was bought and paid for by Jesus' death on the cross which eliminates my having to try and earn heaven through sacraments and good works.

Because of That Old Devil and other Chick literature (specifically The Alberto Series) which encouraged me to read the Holy Bible, I have completely renounced the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus gave me full assurance of my salvation.
-Louis Taylor, Florida

Louis goes on to explain how he is attending a Bible-believing church where he is "growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord."

Since Dr. Rivera's death there has been an increase in public interest in his story. Jack Chick plans to continue to make it available.

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