Alberto Series Comic Pack

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Former Jesuit Priest, Alberto Rivera, reveals many of Rome's most closely guarded secrets. (See Contents)

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Alberto Rivera was a Jesuit priest. His mission: Infiltrate the Protestant ministries and destroy them. But one day, when he read his Bible, he faced the truth ... salvation is not obtained through good works and sacraments. Is it only received through faith in Jesus! In obedience to the Scriptures, he put his faith only in Christ and left the Roman Catholic Church.

In this collection of full-color comics, Rivera tells his story, and shows how the Catholic Church, by its desire to rule the world, has manipulated history. You will see how she helped start the First and Second World War, the place she occupies in biblical prophecy, and even her participation in the beginning of Islam, which later rebelled against her.

This assortment includes six books based on the testimony of Alberto Rivera, and an additional gift ... The Big Betrayal. It is the story of another priest, Charles Chiniquy, who was about to be destroyed when he rebelled against the Catholic Church, until a young lawyer, named Abraham Lincoln, defended him in court.

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