Would You Trust Satan's Brother?

By David W. Daniels

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:13)

Many years ago, when I first read a Chick tract, I prayed to receive the Lord Jesus into my heart. The kindhearted Christian then told me to go to a church that preaches Christ. I was excited! But which church would I go to?

I had two close friends. One went to a church where I never heard the name "Jesus," although I did watch a film on Satan there! The other always dressed well, was a Bishop's son, and went to the Church of Jesus Christ - of Latter-Day Saints.

There two missionaries were assigned to me, to tell me the wonderful story of the Lord Jesus coming to the USA to preach the gospel to the Native Americans. They said that His angel, Moroni, appeared to Joseph Smith over a hundred years ago, along with the Heavenly Father and Jesus, telling Smith to avoid all Christian denominations because their creeds were "abominable."

They wanted me to feel the proof in my heart, so they told me I should pray and receive the burning in my bosom that indicated their church was the real "church of Jesus Christ." Well, I prayed, but I didn't get any "burning."

But they were so nice to me, polite and interested in me that I said, "Yes." I became a Mormon. I was a Mormon for four years, faithfully doing anything they told me - baptizing for the dead in the Temple, going to Boy Scouts and attending Sacrament Meeting.

After I gave up on Mormonism, I spent another two years getting deep into the occult before the Lord called me to Himself. But had I known one simple fact, I never would have joined that deceitful cult.

Their Jesus is really Satan's brother!

Mormonism teaches that there are an infinite number of gods. They were originally humans that attained godhood. Now they are having billions of spirit babies to inhabit the bodies of human children on earth. When a person attains godhood, he is assigned a universe to govern. It so happens that the first spirit baby born in "our universe" was Jesus. The second was Lucifer.

Had I been told that Jesus was Satan's (Lucifer's) brother, I would have known that I had no business getting involved in this twisted cult.

Would you trust your salvation to Satan's brother?

Soul winners should use this simple question often. To Mormons it is difficult to answer. To non-Mormons, it can be the very thing that inoculates them against the seduction of those "nice, polite, well-dressed" missionaries.

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