Why Many Missions to Muslims Fail

There are two basic facts about many of the ministries to Muslims: One is that they try to convert the Muslim by showing him that Christ is in the Koran. The second fact is that this approach has failed miserably.

Many Christians try to take the Koran and use certain verses to argue that it is okay to read the gospel "because the Koran says so." They believe that this will remove Muslim objections to the gospel.

The problem with this approach is that the Koran is not God's Word. If you try to use the Koran to present Christ, you present Him as just another man, because the Koran denies His deity. This approach also conveys the false notion that Allah is God and that the Koran is God's Word.

Isn't it about time that we abandon this failed approach and reach out to them the way the early church did? While witnessing in a hostile world, they came straight out, with no apologies that Jesus was the Way, the Truth, the Life and that no man could come to the Father but by Him. They accepted no "alternate pathways" to heaven.

Missionaries and soul winners who work with individual Muslims usually find them to be sincere and honest people. They faithfully perform the prescribed rituals of Islam then hope that they will be allowed into their paradise. Many deplore the fanatics who promote terrorism and oppression. Yet they cannot deny that their book, the Koran, teaches violence against anyone who refuses to embrace Islam.

Their book is a confusing one, occasionally contradicting itself, so that they have no sure Word that they can rest upon. We must be careful not to direct their trust to the Jesus in the Koran. It calls him Isa and says he is a highly honored one but he is not the Divine Creator of the universe. He is "another Jesus."

And if we lead the Muslim to accept the wrong Jesus, then we have presented him with "another gospel." Let's face it, the world is hostile to the true gospel. If we sugar coat it until it is acceptable to everyone, it is likely that we will discover we are actually presenting a false gospel, instead.

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