When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Fact?

By David W. Daniels

So, when does a conspiracy theory become fact? Well …evidence! That’s the true scientific way.

Got an idea? Gather the evidence. Reach a conclusion. Simple enough? Well, not really.

Some people with an agenda ignore the evidence and try to sell you the conclusion first. You know, a con artist trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge without showing you the pink slip. It’s always best to not pay your money until you see the evidence.

When I began to buy copies of the modern Bibles, I wondered why some of them were different from others. I was told not to worry about it. Just a little variation here and there. No big deal.

But this was important stuff. My eternal destiny was involved.

When I began to ask for evidence, I kind of got the runaround. I could find a little bit here and a little bit there but not enough to give me the whole picture.

So I decided, “Hey, we’ve got a mystery here!” And I’ve always loved mysteries.

Fifteen years after Bible college it wasn’t a mystery anymore. Nor was it a conspiracy theory. Finally, I was able to dig up evidence that led to the facts. And hiding in the shadows was the greatest con artist of all time, the father of lies himself, Satan —with a smirk on his face.

The evidence that I found, verified that these days we really have two Bibles. They are based on two different Greek manuscripts. One is anchored in thousands of documents that bear witness to a coherent history of the Bible.

The other is based on just a few manuscripts that have very questionable histories and have been altered to fit the personal agendas of unsaved writers. On the pretext of updating the authorized King James that had been good for a couple hundred years, a whole new Greek history was introduced, intentionally replacing the previously trusted line of documents.

Now, we really have two basic Bibles. One is the scorned King James, based on thousands of documents generated by faithful believers over the centuries.

The other one has dozens of variations, all based on a Greek document constructed from a few flawed manuscripts. Some masquerade as translations but only loosely follow the faulty Greek. Others are hardly paraphrases, reading more like commentaries.

It’s really been quite a journey. And it’s not over yet. But I tried to share with everyone who would listen, what I was learning while I learned it.

When I entered seminary, I trusted the scholars who were my teachers. But when things didn’t make sense, they were not able to give good answers. I went deeper and the evidence got even more confusing when I began to study the documents.

Thanks to modern digital research methods only available this century, I was able to see accurate photos of the source documents used in the modern Bibles. I soon learned why they had been hidden for so long. I think that they didn’t want anyone to see them.

That led to over a dozen books that tracked the progress of my research. Finally, it led to the deepest mystery of all: who really faked the "oldest and best" Greek manuscript, called Codex Sinaiticus? It was because of the Sinaiticus that the world finally turned from the King James to the counterfeit manuscripts.

My newest book, "Who Faked the ‘World’s Oldest Bible'?" reads like a mystery thriller. But it is as serious as a heart attack. Our hope of heaven depends on the accuracy of God’s words.

Please read the evidence. Then you decide. God bless you as you investigate.

VIDEO: Do you remember the document that's used to make those major changes in modern Bibles, the Codex Sinaiticus? What if I could prove to you that you can't trust it?

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