Tract Passing Tips- March 2000

Editors note: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to companies in their return postage paid envelopes, that you affix a stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive a tract, it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That's the wrong result.

My family and I had a yard sale recently. Every person, adult or child, that stopped by received a handful of tracts. Several days after the sale, two elderly ladies came by wanting to know if they could have more "little books."
D.T., Richmond, KY

Some magazines have a "pen pal" section in them. I buy the magazines just for the names and addresses. This is a great way to witness to people from other states, maybe even other countries. I know that a lot of people from all over the world like to penpal.
The Word Spreader

Here is a good place to leave a tract. In some restaurant washrooms there is a wall mounted diaper changer table.
J.C., Chicago, IL

My husband and I went to a local mall and went in to the different stores. We handed a tract to one of the sales people in each store with a quick, "Here's something to read on your break." Mall merchants have many breaks. They all thanked me. We place tracts on the table in the food court, and offered them to people sitting there or eating there with, "Here's something to read while you are waiting." We were only turned down twice.
P.V., Wichita, KS

I was attending a trade show, and my schedule didn't allow for a leisurely dinner. What else to do but order a pizza? The deliveryman came to my hotel room with supper, and he left with a Chick tract (This Was Your Life!)
A.D., Lola, WI

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