Spacecraft Finds More Evidence Debunking Evolution

The Cassini spacecraft that arrived in orbit around Saturn last year has made several discoveries that honest evolutionists will find disturbing. The most recently reported was the finding that the Saturn moon, Enceladus, is "geologically active." This means that the spacecraft has found evidence of internal heating of the moon.

Other geologically active moons include Jupiter's Io, Neptune's Triton and our own earth moon. In fact, Io is so active that it contains over 60 active volcanoes that spew plumes from 60 to 160 miles above the surface.

"Io is quite small, yet it has the most active volcanoes we know of," writes Vance Ferrell in The Evolution Cruncher. The usual evolutionary model claims that all the planets and moons were molten 5 billion years ago. Then they cooled for a billion years as volcano activity decreased. Yet, Io contradicts this theory. It is obviously quite young since its internal heat has not had time to cool.

The Evolution Cruncher contains over 900 pages crammed with thousands of scientific findings and quotes from scientists demonstrating the lies of evolution. The chapter on the age of the earth contains 58 items of evidence that the universe cannot be billions of years old. Ferrell cites evidence from the stars, our solar system, planets and moons, atmospheric evidence, meteors, and evidence from our own planet.

One fascinating, but rather technical, discovery deals with a common rock, granite. It is so common that it makes up the very foundations of the continents. Yet it contains trillions of what scientists call "radiohalos." These are formed as microscopic circles around particles of radioactive polonium. Since polonium has only a 3 minute half-life, the granite could not have been formed over millions of years.

In fact, the granite had to have been formed in its present state in less than 3 minutes for the radiohalos to have formed at all. Yet evolution teaches that the granite originated from a molten state which would have prevented the instant formation of the halos.

Ferrell cites thousands of such cases of evidence for creation and a young earth. The Evolution Cruncher contains the most compact compilation of information debunking evolution available today.

A thorough study of this inexpensive book will equip a soulwinner to thoroughly devastate any unbeliever's evolution-based worldview.

It will also make a powerful antidote if given to students attending the government schools where evolution is presented as gospel truth. With it they can boldly refute the baseless propaganda by the supposedly "scientific" textbooks and science teachers.

In another new book available from Chick Publications, Mark Cahill spends the first 50 pages of his new book, One Heartbeat Away, debunking evolution. Cahill knows that, to prepare the unbeliever for the Gospel, you must destroy his trust in evolution. The Evolution Cruncher and One Heartbeat Away are two powerful new tools for the soulwinner. If the unbeliever is brought to recognize that the world had to be made by a Creator, he has to decide who that Creator is and what he must do about it.

Cahill's book goes on to explain to the unbeliever that the Bible is the best explanation of who that Creator is and how to establish an eternal relationship with Him. Both of these are excellent follow-up books when the Chick tracts pique the interest of the unbeliever.